Our government controls our lives, but it’s out of our control! 

If you agree, are you willing to help do something about it? 

There’s so much crap going on in the world today, it’s hard to know where to even start talking about it! I started to make a list here, but I gave up when I realized I didn’t know where to stop. I’m sure each of you could add to my list, and I could add yours. But the challenge for us right now is not to say what our problems are; it’s to decide what we’re going to do about them!

All of the problems facing us remind me of the Hydra, the multi-headed monster from mythology. When you cut off one head, it would just grow another! To kill it, you had to get past all of the heads, and find the monster’s heart. I think the parallel holds true for us today; we have to look beyond all of the many individual problems, and find the heart of the beast, the source. And I’m thinking that the source is our government. And if our pressing social problems are created by laws generated in our political system, that means the solutions have to come from the same place. But how can we do it, if it’s out of our control?

The real question becomes “Who has power in our political system?” I’m afraid most of us don’t think we have any political power! Do you? Do you think your voice is heard in the government, when decisions are being made that make some people rich and others poor, or send our troops off to fight foreign wars? I can’t help thinking that even when we do speak up, the people running Washington D.C. don’t give a damn what we think. They have their own ideas, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get their way. We’ve been brought up to believe that we live in a democracy, “with liberty and justice for all,” but these days when we exercise our “liberty,” a bunch of police show up to control us, and somehow “justice for all” has given us the largest prison system in the world. Somewhere along the way, the American Dream has become a nightmare. Unless we wake up, and realize what’s going on, it may get a lot worse.

It all comes down to political power. Politics controls almost every aspect of our social lives; the laws we live by are political agreements. The Constitution gives political power to the people, but we’re not using our power. We’re letting other people make political decisions for us. I’m tempted to say “behind our backs,” but I’m afraid they’re doing it right in front of us, because no one is looking. We’re all too busy, too distracted with our own lives, our own problems. We’ve come to believe that the only political power we have is when we get to vote every couple of years. Even then, most of us don’t even vote, telling ourselves “My vote doesn’t matter. It won’t count.” But it does count! Even your non-vote counts, but it’s counting against you, because by not voting, you’re letting others decide for you. And they’re probably deciding for themselves instead.

The most important thing we can do right now (not the only thing!) is to get a grip on the political power that we’ve forgotten we have. We never lost it; we just got distracted and misplaced it. It’s right here in front of us, just waiting to be picked up and used. It doesn’t cost a cent, and we don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to use it. We just have to not let ourselves be fooled into letting others decide for us. All of the spectacle of our “electoral process,” all of the millions of dollars spent on the campaigns, on billboards, signs, ads, TV shows, glossy mailers, and phone calls are designed to control us. They’re trying to do our thinking for us, and distracting us from all the stuff that they don’t want us to be thinking about (Such as why a tiny handful of people in this country are getting filthy rich, while most of us are barely hanging on!).

That’s what this campaign is about; taking back our political power from the “establishment,” the people who are running our government right now. They’re supposed to be representing us, but I think they’ve sold out, and are representing all of the rich people and corporations who see government as a way to make themselves richer. If you agree, then this is your campaign too!

Check out the links along the right hand side of the page to learn more about me, and what I’m trying to do. If you’d like to chat, that’s my personal phone number down there. I don’t answer unknown numbers, so leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Don’t be afraid to call or e-mail me. I’m not a “real politician,” I’m just an ordinary person who’s had it with the system, and is trying to build a better, more human (and humane!) kind of politics. And I’m hoping you’ll join me!



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